Creating Meaningful Guest Experiences With Technology

There was a time when smooth check-in/check-out facilities, good in-room services, and a well-spread buffet was enough to create satisfying guest experiences. Today’s travelers; however expect much more from hospitality organisations. For them, a “meaningful” experience is not merely a seamless hotel experience or an excellent dining experience. It is an experience that connects them with people and places, an experience that respects their principles, and an experience that brings value for money. This inevitably means that hoteliers need to rethink their technology stack and adopt solutions that facilitate these meaningful experiences.

Ways To Improve Guest Experience Digitally

1. Leverage customer data to increase subscriptions: Data must be the core of any business. With data, a hospitality brand can gather insights across the entire customer life cycle. Businesses can perform data analysis and identify friction points to uncover what their brand lacks in terms of offering a modern experience. By integrating data with advanced technologies such as big data, IoT, and AI brands can become information-driven companies and create value-based customer experiences while creating incremental revenue.

2. Seamless online experiences: More than 30 percent of guests now pre-book activities and make purchases online. So if the checkout flow is complex, potential guests are more likely to abandon the purchase and head elsewhere. It’s important for venues to take the clunkiness and distractions away and make the purchase flow clear, quick, and simple. They should only include touchpoints that are absolutely necessary and don’t overwhelm potential guests with clutter.

3. Connecting with people and places: The process of creating meaningful guest experiences begins even before the guest steps in through the hotel doors. Hoteliers can use robust guest profiling systems available through Numerah PMS in order to set up the perfect experience unique to each guest. This will enable the staff to identify the guest’s travel objective, be it spending time with their family or exploring nature.


Brands must observe and compare the existing guest experience with what they prefer. With insightful data in hand, decision-makers need to modernize products and offerings, deliver innovative solutions and implement agile models in their business culture and operations. This will result in creating a meaningful guest journey and experience. In this changing scenario, companies that prioritize digital transformation initiatives can gain customer loyalty, future-proof their business, and stay resilient.

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