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A progressive web based cloud system, where all team members are on the same platform. Information is easily accessible by all the associated departments.


Hotel Management Software

Simplify all your challenges using some of our featured applications.


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Our unique selling points

Why Choose NUMERAH?

  • Easy to Use and Learn

    The web based platform is extremely user friendly. Any new user can learn the system in a matter of days, thereby allowing you to transition to a new system smoothly. From interactive dashboards to user based permissions every aspect of the software has been thought of keeping ease of usage in mind.

  • Pay as You Earn

    One of its kind in the industry; exceptional pricing concept based on subscription model with multiple resources and pay only when you earn. Unlimited Access Points or Users Limitless Trial Period Marginal share on the revenue earned.Extensive Training Modules

  • Business Intelligence

    Customized reports and data from sales to finance, would allow you to analyze every aspect of the business. This would help in making calculated and well informed decisions to maximize profits and streamline operations.

  • Seamless Communication

    Whether it is a walkie talkie system; inbuilt in the app to allow the team communicate on the go, or inter departmental dependence, Numerah allows information to flow seamlessly. Hence reducing operational imbalances and gets the entire team on one page.

  • Hotel Software built by Hoteliers

    We have combined the expertise of our hotel business along with technical and coding acumen to build a premium software for the industry. We have kept in mind all the trouble points most hotels encounter much like we did, and have found simple and easy solutions to tackle them.


Automize Your Workflow

Transform the way you work and ensure your hotel moves into the 2020’s with its best foot forward.
Reduce touch points between client and staff to ensure faster check in and check out.

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