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Asset & Maintenance

Manage all your assets from procurement to disposal becomes

Managing assets decorously from procurement to disposal becomes a necessity in controlling unanticipated expenses. Digitize your asset management activities to ensure adequate asset maintenance activities and operations.


Features at a glance

Enhancing the experience of the end user & management together.

Multi User Accessibility

Digitalised Asset Tracking

Coding & Realtime Tracking

Mobile Accessibility

Inspection Reminder

Product Data Management

Daily Activity Tracking

Analysed Workflow

Interactive dashboard

It is imperative to have those information that exhilarates the departments functionality at an expeditious view; choose from a list of paramount activities.

Digital Asset tracking

Track the goods whatever the value may be to ensure there is systematic process of inflow and outflow activities through seamless barcoding system with Numerah.

Product Life-Cycle Activities

Back-track the scheduled maintenance of each product on the basis of its warranty and annual maintenance cycle to ensure there is no unanticipated loss of value.

Asset Management Operations

It is a great deal to secure each and every product entering the premises; its lifecycle and need of maintenance shall be followed through system analysis.

Monitoring Equipment’s

Appropriate detailing of the equipment and its parts could be of much assistance in utilizing the equipment to its foremost value; avoiding multiple repairs and failure.

Energy Monitoring

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Inspection & Audit

Manual check on the number of assets across the organization is definitely an unwanted task; barcoding and atomization reduces all the discomfort in completing the task in short time.

Controlling Cost of Ownership

Cost involved in procuring any asset is high and lowering that would definitely build confidence of the organizations management. Tracking service history, workflow and escalation tool will be of supremacy.

Customised Reports

Reports designed for, inventory, maintenance activities, tracking activities, workflow and audit is of great assistance towards maintaining a healthy asset management system.



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