Benefits of Pre Check-in in hotels

What is Pre check-in for hotels?

Pre check-in for hotels is a technology that allows hotels to send guests a link via an app, text, or email to check-in online, ensuring that the process is as smooth as it can be. The guest is asked to register their documents and payment information before they even set foot in the hotel. Once the guest’s personal and reservation details are verified, they will receive a confirmation.

Benefits of Pre check-in at your hotel?

Enhance customer experience and satisfaction levels

Client engagement is crucial nowadays, as guests are more demanding than ever before, so you need to find a way to put your hotel a step ahead. The ability to offer a streamlined way to complete the check-in process is incredibly convenient and helps avoid the hassle of waiting in a line, something that can make satisfaction levels ascend.

By creating an enhanced customer experience with smooth operations, you’re more likely to get reviews on sites like TripAdvisor, which helps encourage other guests to book in the future and thereby increases guest retention rates.

Drive additional revenue through increased marketing and sales opportunities

Upselling is a strategy that’s ideally used in the initial phases of the booking process or upon check-in. During these two phases, you can present unique opportunities such as restaurant reservations, room service, upgrades, luxury services such as spas and massage treatments, or even discounted tours.

Hotels can then use this readily available customer data to create email lists, which can be used to market different offers further down the line and encourage them to be repeat guests.

Save on time and human resources

Because we’re all about instant gratification, everyone is used to being able to do things quickly and on their terms Thanks to mobile technology. It keeps the check-in process quick and smooth. Furthermore, guests can take care of everything they need instantly and more efficiently. Having smarter self-service technology gives your hotel a competitive advantage over those who don’t.

Not only it is better for the guests in terms of time saving, but it’s also better for the hotel because it saves on human resources. The front desk staff that traditionally had to take care of the lengthy check-in process can now spend time improving the guest experience.


Competition is now fiercer than ever, and travelers favor more and more ease and convenience in their travel experience. For this reason, there’s nothing more important in today’s world than staying on top of technological advances.

Numerah Pre Check-in feature provides an important edge in the customer experience and satisfaction levels, helping to drive revenue, save on time and human resources, provide a sense of safety during the pandemic, set your hotel apart from the competition, and thereby boost brand loyalty.