property management system

Convenience in managing guests stay makes the end user ensure enhancing guest experience and efficient personalised attention allows them to ‘WOW’ each guest.


point of sale

Hassle free table management, seamless ordering through kitchen management system and dining preference shared instantly allows intensifying guest’s dining experience.


guest opinion survey

Achieving satisfactory levels in the hospitality industry is extremely important. Happy hotel guests are likely to return and possibly recommend the hotel.


purchase ordering

Cost centre budgeting, requisition approval, verifying purchase orders, indenting and auditing are important aspects of hotel purchase department. Efficiently managing these aspects allows an organization ensure control over cost.


sales catering

Organising, managing hotel inventory, venues and selling efficiently; assuring optimal capturing of business and increased profit through a simplified process sequence is a dominance with Numerah – S&CM.


human resource management system

People in the hospitality industry are the most important asset; managing them efficiently assures evolution of the entire organization. You take care of them and they shall take care of your business.


asset maintenance

Managing assets decorously from procurement to disposal becomes a necessity in controlling unanticipated expenses. Digitize your asset management activities to ensure adequate asset maintenance activities and operations.


channel manager

Managing and distribution of rooms and rates to different agents is tedious and time consuming. Connect with more than hundreds of service provider across the globe using one platform and share rates and inventory instantly. Managing your sources at your convenience and as per your requirement is just clicks away.

Why Hotels Need To Switch To Cloud PMS


May 31, 2022

Though Cloud computing has been around for almost a decade, some business owners are still on the fence to take the plunge.

Moving hotel operations, especially the hotel Property Management System, to the Cloud offers operational benefits and leads to higher ROI.

The difference between cloud-based PMS and onsite systems

Before we compare the two, let’s quickly define your two choices. An onsite system, or a local PMS, is something that must be installed at your property on a local server and physically lives there. A cloud PMS, on the other hand, exists online, and all you need to access it is an internet connection and your login details. You don’t need to download anything onto your device or servers, so it’s as simple as logging into a service like Facebook.

Advantages of Moving Your Hotel to Cloud PMS:

1. Saves you cost:

It goes without saying, the advantages of cloud-based hotel software are immense. And one such benefit is that they are much cheaper than traditional ones. You don’t have to set up a whole tech stack, buy licenses that cost you a fortune, and pay for those maintenance services. A cloud-based solution removes these hurdles for you. All you need is a computer or smart device and a stable internet connection.

2. Anytime-Anywhere PMS access so you can manage your hotel on the go:

A Cloud-based Hotel Property Management System allows you to perform several operational tasks remotely- a luxury you cannot afford with a legacy system in place. Mobile apps have also made life easier, allowing hoteliers to stay on top of things via their mobile devices.

3. Secured Customer and Confidential Data:

As mentioned earlier, cybersecurity is perhaps the biggest reason to migrate your on-premise hotel front desk software to the Cloud. Storing confidential data on your in-house server poses several threats related to downtime and data loss.

4. Gets better with time:

I am sure you all are aware of software updates. The apps on your mobile phones get better with time because developers often release updates to enhance the user experience. It is the same with cloud hotel software. The solution providers are constantly updating their products to provide you with the best experience.

5. Seamless integration with third-party solutions:

In the legacy system, integrations with third-party solutions are extremely complex and time-consuming. But a cloud-based PMS for hotels makes it super convenient for you. Thanks to open APIs, the application seamlessly integrates with other solutions that are also on the cloud, like:

  • Channel Managers
  • Online Reputation Management Solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Revenue Management Systems
  • Email Marketing tools
  • Accounting Modules

Last but not the least, regular updates and patches are done automatically on the server side: a Cloud solution will give you 100% uptime, which enables your hotel to provide seamless interfaces and interactions to guests in real-time. What you need is a reliable PMS, with an affordable subscription plan.

Numerah provides a 360-degree solution to manage any hotel; from rooms, housekeeping, restaurants, human resources, and all areas of hospitality management. Try it out for free!