property management system

Convenience in managing guests stay makes the end user ensure enhancing guest experience and efficient personalised attention allows them to ‘WOW’ each guest.


point of sale

Hassle free table management, seamless ordering through kitchen management system and dining preference shared instantly allows intensifying guest’s dining experience.


guest opinion survey

Achieving satisfactory levels in the hospitality industry is extremely important. Happy hotel guests are likely to return and possibly recommend the hotel.


purchase ordering

Cost centre budgeting, requisition approval, verifying purchase orders, indenting and auditing are important aspects of hotel purchase department. Efficiently managing these aspects allows an organization ensure control over cost.


sales catering

Organising, managing hotel inventory, venues and selling efficiently; assuring optimal capturing of business and increased profit through a simplified process sequence is a dominance with Numerah – S&CM.


human resource management system

People in the hospitality industry are the most important asset; managing them efficiently assures evolution of the entire organization. You take care of them and they shall take care of your business.


asset maintenance

Managing assets decorously from procurement to disposal becomes a necessity in controlling unanticipated expenses. Digitize your asset management activities to ensure adequate asset maintenance activities and operations.


channel manager

Managing and distribution of rooms and rates to different agents is tedious and time consuming. Connect with more than hundreds of service provider across the globe using one platform and share rates and inventory instantly. Managing your sources at your convenience and as per your requirement is just clicks away.

The Future of Tourism


February 4, 2022

What does a 21st-century traveler want? The question seems simple, but the answer is certainly complicated. Travelers are seeking new experiences, whether through wellness, outdoor activities, gastronomy, or a specific interest like sports or music. They’re traveling solo, with a group, or on business, and they might learn about a destination or travel brand via social media, rather than traditional marketing channels. Today’s traveler has an open mind, choosing funky motels or glamping over standard hotels and even visiting emerging destinations before they’ve popped up on the tourism radar. By staying on top of changing traveler preferences, hoteliers can ensure their properties stay relevant to today’s traveler preferences

Experiences not things:

Travelers are buying less and doing more; instead of buying a new car or an expensive TV, they’re opting for longer or pricier trips, tours, or dining experiences.

Coffee culture enters hospitality:

A growing segment of coffee connoisseurs literally will travel for coffee, or at least they expect a higher standard of coffee in the guestroom.


Glamorous camping, literally, elevates the humble tent or yurt to a luxurious hideaway with high-end bathroom facilities, comfortable beds, climate control, and stylish decor.


Blending work and vacation, a bleisure traveler extends a business trip to allow for a few days of leisure time.

Rise of influencers:

Popular social media profiles aren’t just racking up the “likes,” but also earning income by posting advertisements as marketing partners for hotels, airlines, and other travel brands.


A vacation in your own city. Skip the lines at the airport and enjoy a hotel near home, what’s not to love?

Health & wellness travel:

Rather than embarking on a new diet or exercise plan before vacation, travelers are choosing to travel specifically for health and wellness goals, booking experiences that include healthy meals, fitness classes, meditation courses, or lifestyle coaching.

Cannabis tourism:

As marijuana laws loosen, a new segment of travelers is “going green” in a way that has nothing to do with the environment: traveling to a city specifically to explore the recreational drug.

Culinary travel:

Whether by booking accommodation on a farm, scheduling cooking classes, or traveling specifically for a Michelin-starred meal, food is becoming a key factor in travel decisions. Tons of travel apps have popped up to serve foodies in recent years.

Sports-themed hotels:

By investing in a state-of-the-art sports bar, like at the Omni Dallas, or planning once-in-a-lifetime Super Bowl packages, hotels are jumping on the sports bandwagon with unique amenities for fans.

Theme park experiences:

Theme park vacations are even more immersive when the hotel follows the theme too, like at the Star Wars Hotel or Legoland Hotel.

It is quite obvious that tomorrow’s tourists and tour operators will tend to rely more on technology. With the introduction of the next generation of apps and online services, tourism is going to get further accessible and enjoyable.

With more flight connectivity, traveling modes and accommodations introducing more comfort, technology helping mankind progressively, the tourism will continue to bring momentum in its sector.

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