property management system

Convenience in managing guests stay makes the end user ensure enhancing guest experience and efficient personalised attention allows them to ‘WOW’ each guest.


point of sale

Hassle free table management, seamless ordering through kitchen management system and dining preference shared instantly allows intensifying guest’s dining experience.


guest opinion survey

Achieving satisfactory levels in the hospitality industry is extremely important. Happy hotel guests are likely to return and possibly recommend the hotel.


purchase ordering

Cost centre budgeting, requisition approval, verifying purchase orders, indenting and auditing are important aspects of hotel purchase department. Efficiently managing these aspects allows an organization ensure control over cost.


sales catering

Organising, managing hotel inventory, venues and selling efficiently; assuring optimal capturing of business and increased profit through a simplified process sequence is a dominance with Numerah – S&CM.


human resource management system

People in the hospitality industry are the most important asset; managing them efficiently assures evolution of the entire organization. You take care of them and they shall take care of your business.


asset maintenance

Managing assets decorously from procurement to disposal becomes a necessity in controlling unanticipated expenses. Digitize your asset management activities to ensure adequate asset maintenance activities and operations.


channel manager

Managing and distribution of rooms and rates to different agents is tedious and time consuming. Connect with more than hundreds of service provider across the globe using one platform and share rates and inventory instantly. Managing your sources at your convenience and as per your requirement is just clicks away.

Benefits of Managing Guest Profiles


February 28, 2022

Today’s best and most advanced PMS systems operate more broadly and deeply than ever before, storing data from a large number of guest touchpoints. When that data is compiled, it forms rich guest profiles that help your hotel customize services across your hotel and accommodate guests’ specific needs and preferences.


Benefits of Managing Guest Profiles


Email Campaigns: One of the most fantastic ways to leverage Hotel CRM software is for automating marketing email campaigns against the database. Emails can be personalized using the database information to help nurture relationships. Staying in contact between stays with email campaigns can spark return visits and encourage positive online user feedback on social media. If your hotel is based on local seasonal activities, it’s easy to automate seasonal campaigns by publicizing yearly events and targeting local and international guests.


Centralized Profile Database: Historical or conversational data relating to customer information is captured into a centralized database to allow sales reps and other hotel staff to access them at any time. This valuable data whether related to reservations, social media contacts, or client reviews is updated in real-time so information is always up to date and relevant. Numerah, Guest profile management allows associates to maintain guest statistics to refer to whenever the guest visits, allowing them to recognize each guest personally. Since the data is created and updated in one place, the risk of duplication and incorrect data is minimized.


Customer Experience: Elevating customer experience can be achieved by sending out personalized automated confirmation emails when a booking has occurred. Information from the CRM system can be used to recommend nearby attractions or adding a personal touch to the room based on the customer’s captured profile. For example, the customer may have booked the spa in previous visits or required specific room accommodations. This information can prove valuable to enhance customer experience, thereby encouraging repeat visits.


Numerah with its smart tools provides convenience in managing guests’ stay makes the end user ensure enhancing the guest experience and efficient personalized attention allows them to ‘WOW’ each guest.